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mad is hell


i started sanford brown in jan 09, i wasnt a first time college student i knew the experience that came along with school, and i know that when you are in school it should be a challenge there was not one day that i had to stress “o i have to study, they spoon fed us so much like basically giving us all the answers so for the test we just basically had to remember the answers …so when i signed up my rep stalked me everyday even though he just spoke with me the day before and didnt tell me anymore info than the day before. i was in several classes with about 30 plus students and it was impossible to learn…on top of that the turn over rate of the staff is ridiculous, and at one point our program director was a teacher of customer service who had THE worst customer service skills, the class was out of control we didnt learn anything and we consantly complained and nothing happened. our president doesnt want to speak to her students even though since day one she said she has a open door policy so when there was a issue you go to speak to her she have you speak to someone else. i personally left her a voicemail and she had a brand new staff which was the new director of education contact me, and she was still in training and only been at the business for less than a week, so of course my issues didnt get resolved. i called the corporate and again my issues werent resvolved. i was on extern and i got a needle stick injury and guess what SBI didnt give me my proper paper work until a whole week later. o yeah while im on the subject, how about this the school has a “policy” that after 30 days of being enrolled in the school you MUST have your physical done, which includes a hepatitis test, as you all know it is a dangerous and non curable disease why were we already poking ppl in labs and come to find out that half of the school didnt have their labs and some ppl did have them but the stupid ### school lost them how can you loose ### in that small piece of ### place. so when its time for us to go to extern they start threating us if we dont have our physical papers in that we would not be able to attend school so mind you if you dont knw that most of their programs are 15 months so when it comes to the 13th month they want to act concerned for the physicals simply because the extern wont let us come be apart of their practice with out it…sanford brown makes of off 10 weeks and this is out of 30 students 99, 975.00 plus book fees and we have half the computers working, no student lounge, no heat, or ac on so to me that is a money making school and thats all they care about…they have students starting after 5 weeks for 7 different programs and thats just the day time…

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