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Kendale Ibiley Uniforms

Ibiley Uniforms 11530 SW 120 Street Miami, FL 33176 I ordered my daughter's school uniforms on july 2nd because according to the school it would be best to do it early. I paid in full and i was told it would be one month. after 6 weeks i heard nothing from them so i decided to call them @ 305-625-****. that number leads in circles that last about 16 mins before you finally get a human being that puts the phone down and forgets you called, leaving the line now, busy, when you try to call back and get into the cirle of calling ***, again. finally i was told to pick up my order on thursday the 12th and just to be sure i went on the 17th. i was told that my order was not there and what's more it is their policy to call customers and tell them their order is ready when the order is received at their warehouse, not when it's done. so they told me to come back today, the 19th. further i was given a priority pass so that i would not have to stand in line. when i went today i was told that my uniforms were sent to me on their "truck". even tho yesterday i told them i would come and get them. they had no explaniation for why they would give me a priority pass to cut the line today and then send them to my house where no one is home. if you call the headquarters you get a message that their voicemail box is full. if you call 305-969-**** it rings for 4 mins and then hangs up on you. the worst thing is that the school will not allow you to use any other vendor and if you ask for a refund, even tho i paid cash, you are told you can only have a credit. school starts on monday and all the school is gonna hear is a bunch of complaints from angry pissed off, pissed on mothers that have to send their kids to school without the uniforms they already paid for. Ibiley is the worst store i've ever had to deal with. if you call you can't get thur, if you go they can't find anything. no one is in charge, no one is respondsible for anything. i understand that the owner is on the dade county school board and that's how we all got screwed because they gave Ibiley the exclusive contract for the uniforms. i checked the BBB and the business has an "F" rating.
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