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inflight entertainment system not operational for long haul flight


Following an unsuccessful attempt to give feedback on you website, I am expressing my grievance here.
On 15 Sept I flew from Melbourne to Heathrow (London) via Bangkok (Booking Ref: OUEKMG). After a lengthy (6 hour 40 mins) stopover with a further 30 min delay I boarded Flight TG916 only to discover that my seat 72K (plus the one next to mine and the 2 in front) were all experiencing problems with the entertainment system. (There were not enough spare seats for us all to move.). As you can imagine, this was extremely disappointing as it was a 12.5 hour journey. To add insult to injury, the screen suddenly came to life as we landed at Heathrow!! As compensation, I was offered a pink Immigration Fast Track Arrival Envelope which I was supposed to put my landing card inside, however this was of no use to me as I didn’t need or have a landing card and as my luggage was almost the last into the baggage claim collection area I was certainly not fast tracked out of the airport.
I am due to fly back to Australia on Friday 5 Oct and hope that the service I receive will be to the standard expected (and that of which I have received previously) from your airline.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Thank you.

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