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I am complaining about an installation of a sunroom on the back of my house.


About 3 years ago I contracted with Champion to build a sunroom on the back of my house on an existing patio that was there. My home is a single story ranch type house with 3 bedrooms. They came out and measured everything and they said they could do it on the existing patio. My house has what everyone calls a hip roof line, that is, a hang over of the roof line from the outside wall of the house. They told me they had to cut some of this hang over to tie in the roof beams of the the sun room they would be building. It has been over 3 years now and there is a continuous leak on the back wall of the sun room where the sun room connects to the original roof line. during this time mold has developed in my attic from the water penetration of the leak. Champion contends it was my roof that was bad and that is why there is a leak. I have been in the house over 5 years and there has never been a leak in the house ever. I have been in battle over this for the past 3 years, champion has tried to fix the connection of the 2 roof lines but has not been successful, the leak continues ! Champion is blaming me because they are saying my roof had a leak in it before they started the construction. This is not so, I had a roofer inspect everything when we purchased the house and there was nothing wrong with roof, especially Mold that now is in my attic. I have hundreds of pictures of me emptying buckets of water from the continuous leak. I now have an attorney on the case and we will see if anything gets accomplished. Stay tuned, I will be back !
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