5 Nov, 2019 → by ClaimboUser498869
Gameloft takes your money and then refuses to deliver a working product.


On warplanet online, I purchased several in game packs for $200. When they didn't work I contacted customer support... BIG MISTAKE TO THINK THEY CARED. The first ticket was closed with nothing more than the original automated response, so I opened a second ticket, and there was no response on that one either. The third ticket was "sent to devolpers" and never heard from again. Long story short after 6 months and several tickets later, I still don't have everything working. So I asked for a refund... BIG MISTAKE AGAIN TO THINK THAT THEY ARE ANY BETTER THAN NIGERIAN SCAMMERS. When I asked for a refund, the ticket was sent to the so called "manager" who completely ignored that I had requested a refund at all. In fact I highly doubt "Pavel" even really read the ticket. He just said that he was sorry that I was having problems , but that gameloft isn't always able to fix all problems to everyone's complete satisfaction. So after 5 more emails back and forth I FINALLY got him to address the refund. His response to that was to tell me that "GAME LOFTS TERMS OF SERVICE SAY THAT CHANGES IN SERVICES WILL HAPPEN AND MUST BE ADRESSED BY CUSTOMER SUPPORT. THERE ARE ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS" So here I a man now, they stole my $200, didn't completely provide what I paid for, and now tell me to kiss off. I then asked 3 more times that my ticket be forwarded to a higher level or someone in the United States, and Pavel tells me THIS IS OUR FINAL DECISION. NO FURTHER ACTION WILL BE TAKEN. Gameloft support is full of incompetent people who don't care about helping the customer, just closing tickets as fast as possible.DONT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM... EVER. You will get screwed.
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