27 Aug, 2008 → by ClaimboUser544220
Gamelee – a horrible company

It's been 5 days. I'm still being patient. If something doesn't happen within 24 hours, I will take action against all of GoGoer entertainment company. I cannot allow the company to scam other people. My campaign starts HERE. This is my story: Gamelee was a site that tempted me with their cheap prices of european world of warcraft gold. Their site seemed pretty legit, even though the english was kind of bad. I bought 1000 Gold from them, added my item to the auction house, and started waiting for my gold. Their FAQ said 15min-24 hours, where 24 hours was in rare cases, so i expected my gold to arrive soon. 1 Day passes, and i try to contact their live chat. I'm queued, and it says the wait time is MAXIMUM 10 minutes. I wait for 40 minutes, and is met with "Please hold on a moment". I wait for 20 extra minutes, and complain about it. They tell me that i will get my gold today. Day 2. I wait another 40 minutes totally to get in touch with live support. I get introduced by a customer representative which has the nick "Robert". But the "welcome" message i get from robert says "my name is Jenna". I ask her to show me my order history, as the email i got from them said, but that feature had never been availible. I get told to wait for the farmer to get done. Day 3. I ask for a confirmation of my order. "Robert/Jenna" tells me "What do you want?". A confirmation. "What do you want?". I guess I'll just ask for my gold then. They tell me my gold will come soon, Robert/Jenna will tell the farmer to hurry. I just skipped day 4. My gold still hadn't arrived, and i didn't have 2 hours to wait for customer service. Day 5: I ask my gold. AGAIN. They tell me to add my items to the auction house. I tell Robert/Jenna that i have done that throughout the 5 latest days. "hold on for a moment"… 1 hour passes. They tell me that the gold farmer will hurry. ————————————————

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