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failure to refund completely


America Outdoor, an internet merchant, failed to fully refund the price paid for a defective Perimeter WiFi Dog Fence System. The merchandise was returned within 20 days after purchase, carefully re-packed in the original box, clean and in new condition. Following is an excerpt from the letter to America Outdoor requesting a full refund and explaining the defective system.<br /> <br /> This system does not perform as it claims. We spent an entire day trying to set the perimeter.<br /> <br /> There is no consistency in the distance from base station to the Activation Zone. Most of the time it is not even close, sometimes varying more than 30 feet short of or beyond the point of initial activation -- much greater than the claimed Activation Zone of +/- 3 feet. Sometimes, it will not even activate at all anywhere along the line extending from the base station and through a previously-set activation point, allowing "holes" in the fence where it does not activate.<br /> <br /> Additionally, there are extreme variations in the width of the Correction Zone, well beyond the claimed width of 5 feet to 10 feet (diagram says 3 feet to 10 feet). As with the Activation Zone, the variation of the Correction Zone is random and often exceeds 30 feet. These substantial and randomly-occurring inaccuracies result in an extremely irregularly shaped Safe Zone whose boundary is ever-changing and totally unpredictable. If I cannot predict where it will activate, our dog certainly will not be able to do so.<br /> <br /> Such an erratic system will be impossible for even the most intelligent dog to learn because the boundaries are always changing. In order to avoid the unpredictable, unfair, painful corrections, it is reasonable to expect that our dog would cower at the side of the house, as close as he can get to the base station inside, terrified of moving too far.
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