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DO NOT USE – Dishonest, Predatory Business Practices, Coercive, False Advertising


Made purchase Sept 3rd -order 9176497. Order was for powered recliner loveseats and single recliners. Site indicated based on zip code delivery would take place 1-2 weeks. After placing order and company taking funds, I received a call where was notified none of my powered furniture could use power features without an additional $800 purchase. I paid this and moved on. It took several weeks to get est delivery date which at one point was a month out. Once could schedule actual delivery was set for 2 months after purchase. Main issue is predatory business practices in fact they claim a est delivery time but informed of real delivery time well past the 24 hour mark. You only have 24 hours to cancel a order for full refund. If done after that the fee is 15% +$1.75/lb which makes it so expensive you can’t and are locked in. They do not advertise that delivery can take 4x or more time they give you at time of purchase. They also don't list real price which is to make sure goods can be used for intended purpose. They then intentionally miss inform you so you can’t cancel in the 24 hour window to get full refund (i.e. knowing realistic delivery window or total cost to ensure goods work as indented). The company uses false advertisement, coercive business practices
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