18 Sep, 2021 → by ClaimboUser278316
Dishonest disgusting biased news reporting makes me sick daily


AOL News is clearly biased towards liberals/Democrats and against conservatives/Republicans. AOL now reports on False News stories mostly against Biden. Where was this AOL Reporting on fake news when President Trump was in office, crickets…. AOL promoted fake news stories against President Trump almost daily. AOL promoted the story that PResident Trump said to during disinfectant to fight off Covid knowing this was no True. AOL is failing to report on All of Bidens failures as a pretend Idiot Dementia Patient pretend President. Where are the true stories on AOL about Idiot Biden's failed border crisis that worsens by the day…. AOL Crickets… Where are the AOL news stories about the horrific conditions in Afghanistan after Biden's failed attempts to leave Afghanistan in a professional and courageous way.
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