Esplanade Apartments
Esplanade Apartments
5 Jan, 2021 → by cinderella
Disappointed: don’t know whether will contact this company one more time

When we arrived, they were still cleaning an apartment. Must say that it was in real disorder: there were broken cups and dissipated flour all over the kitchen. Carpet in the hall was trampled, and in the bedroom I’ve found someone’s socks. Because of such chaos we couldn’t get cozy and have our clothes shelved. In addition to it, the water kettle was broken, and the hair dryer worked badly.

That’s why we had to buy both. We weren’t given the key for the storage, but beforehand we were told that we could use it. Such a fact discomforted us so much. Anyway, the attitude of managers surprised us in a pleasant way. They made an apology and sent us compensation when we called and made a complaint.

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