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Customer service – supervisor jarvis


My name is Joseph Jimmerson. My wife and I opened savings account for my son 5-6 years ago. We were unaware that there was a maximum number of withdrawals on the account, ending in 6472, each month. We are now aware. Moving forward this will not be a problem. This may be in the paperwork we signed but we were not aware. I called customer service and spoke with supervisor named Jarvis. My 6 year old son was given an excessive withdraw fee of $14.8 on 5/31 and $3 on 3/29. Jarvis informed me that he could refund the $14.8 but could not refund the $3 for 3/29. Something about only one courtesy per year. I informed Mr. Jarvis that we were unware of this rule and I did not believe my 6 year old son should lose $3. This is a small amount but this is about the principle of the matter. I have been a loyal regions customer my entire adulthood. 3 mortgages, care loan, 3 checking accounts, and multiple savings accounts. Hate for $3 to come between our relationship but I'm very frustrated with Regions right now and am strongly considering transferring all of my business to another bank. If this is the way Regions operates you can count me out.
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