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Craig crawford does not honor refunds


this man craig crawford sells a product that apparently launches channels on roku and amazon fire. it was a very confusing process ordering his products online and trying to download and use the products and services. he sells his products on jvzoo website and they to were very uncooperative and non communicative in learning and using the services that they provided. eventually, after 3 - 5 days of racking my brains and getting no response to my support tickets to craig crawford i finally decided it was not for me and asked for my money back. craig refused to cooperate though he did offer a 30 day money back guarantee. i was forced to use paypal dispute process which worked on getting some of my money back, but, not all of it. craig crawford lied to paypal about the lame websites he said he provided and paypal believed him. the worst thing of all from craig was him promising to me that even if paypal did not grant my money back, he was going to ensure that i would never use his products and services. why paypal did not return my funds based on that statement alone is beyond me, but, ok. i would say be careful of jvzoo who was complicit in crawfords schemes and lies, and also paypal who supported crawfords deceptive refund policy. stay away from tv boss and tv boss fire.
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