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Replacement Air Conditioner


I have had AHS contractors repair my AC in my home several times. My AC went out and TEMP PRO MECHANICAL INC came out on 09/13/2021 and basically told me I need a new AC compressor and new inside unit. The repair man said all the previous repairmen have been doing minimal repairs to get the AC temporarily functioning. I have paid several trip charges and the AC never works right. The last contractor sent the information to AHS about the AC and at first they were willing to replace the system. Today they tell me its from secondary damage but this is from their contractors putting a bandage on the AC and not completing the work. I in no way have touched my AC because I have no experience in HVAC. Although several contractors have been out several times when you look at my AHS account there's no services on the dashboard however when you look at my payments you see several trip charges reflecting service requests so someone must have deleted all my services. I know this because my parents who have AHS can see all their service requests. I use my home as an Airbnb and I had clients this week and had to buy AC units to cool the home. The units tripped the circuit breaker and then the water heater stopped and the water wasn't hot. They're demanding their money back. When I don't have clients I have my 1 year old daughter visit and I couldn't have her in the home because the thermostat was reading in the high 90's. I lost money with the rental of the AC units, clients and my AC unit still hasn't been repaired or replaced and now I'm being blamed for their contractors work. This is unprofessional and unacceptable. I put the request in on the 11th of September and it's the 20th and nothing has been done.
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