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Pole Barn Project gone wrong


Contacted Cleary Building Corp to have a simple 36 x 40 pole barn installed. Signed a contract with a sales rep in September of 2020, that promised to be in contact with me every week during the process. Saw him that one time, gave him deposit of over 8k. Never saw him again, no guidance or help during the permit process at all. Called him after more than a month of not hearing from him. He informed me that he no longer worked for the company and does not know who my new rep was.. After more time went by I met the "replacement" sales rep. He promised me the same weekly contact and updates. Another few weeks went by and I decided to call him to get an update. He informed me that HE no longer was with the company. I was never notified by Cleary about either "sales reps" departure. Finally after after 4 months of this terrible customer service, I notified Cleary Building Corporation's home office that I have had it with this fiasco and wanted my deposit back. I was then informed by their "Director of Marketing" that I would only get around 4k back for terminating the contract. He said that was for cost's that Cleary incurred during the process. They did nothing but produce a rendering of what the building looked like!!! I asked for a detailed invoice for the charges of over 4k that they were charging me for. The DIRECTOR OF MARKETING refused to produce the invoice!!! I received my partial refund in late July of 2021, nearly 10 months of nothing being done that cost me over 4k.. My advice to anyone that is even thinking of using Cleary Building Corp is, Don't walk but RUN away from this company!!!
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