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I don’t recommend anyone to go with these guys


Big mistake! I don't recommend anyone to go with these guys- the work produced is of a standard that a little baby can do. Spelling mistakes, grammatical error and copy and pasted graphs and tables as opposed to prepared work are just the start of the problems. Lateness in giving the work back and the staff who try very hard to convince the customer that everything is okay, when really all they are doing is delaying the whole process and keeping your money. I will soon be launching a full campaign against this company making sure I get the word out that this company is really not very good. I have kept email proof, screen shots and the full document they have sent me in case anyone wants to take a look at their quality. I paid a heavy fee for the 4k essay and I now know never to pay this again- especially to these guys. I have written communication from staff and recorded phone call conversations (which I made sure to do for myself) which I can make publicly available too. Overall, I would never recommend this company to anyone because I don't want you to be the next victim of simple fraud :). I thought I will get assistance with my university work and this will help me build my understanding of my topic area- it did the complete opposite; if anything, it killed all my brain cells. I exaggerate the point because I am very annoyed and don't want you to be too!
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