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Failed Communication


My fiance and I have both been employed by Crossmark for some time now and everything has been going great. My boss put me in charge of our team because I was the "most reliable" and communicated with him about every detail of our events. Recently, we have had issues with Walmart employees moving or throwing out our event kits and a lot of the merchandise we were set to demo not being in stock but still showing up in the texlon from some reason. We voiced these concerns to our Supervisor and also to the Walmart management. This past week we were given three events the same day, two went swimmingly, while the other, my event, was a complete disaster. A walmart employee had thrown out yet another kit, except this one was one of our major events! No biggie, I called my supervisor to inform him and he brushed it off and told me to pull the manual up on my cell phone and go from there. Next issue, none of the merchandise was in stock, after checking with employees I was told "If its not on the shelf, its not here. We stocked it a few days ago and our shipment hasn't arrived." Well darn... so then comes the "do it as educational" spill... I walk to the back to get my cart only to see that the new girl had completely destroyed it! Signs torn off the top, broken sneeze guard, the works (I informed my supervisor of this as well and he didn't seem to care). HOW AM I SUPPOSE TO DO AN EVENT WITH ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO IT WITH?!?! So, I decided I would help another crossmark employee with their event an in turn, educate individuals about my own products, this was working great, I sold similar products since we didn't have the originals in stock and everyone was happy. Two days later I get a call from my Supervisor saying I didn't do my event, that I came in late and left early and that I had lied to him... wait... I called AND texted you about every problem we were facing that day and in the days prior, and you chose not to listen or do anything about it or even offer advice to me on how to correct it! AND I was 5 minutes late because of rode work... come on... I let you know the minute I got there and I didn't leave early, I met with Walmart management about the problems we were facing that you didn't care about! Needless to say, there was surprise audit and they didn't like that I was doing a joint style event given the circumstances and they didn't realize that I hadn't left but rather went to management for a meeting. I got FIRED! What some ###... and whats worse, they fired my fiance too saying that they felt letting me go would cause some friction between him and the company... get real. Do not work for these people. Seriously, save yourself the trouble.
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