3 Oct, 2022 → by I hate 1stopbedrooms
DO NOT USE 1StopBedrooms – I will be reporting to the AG


Ordered a LR set in sept. Expected it to ship in the 5 day window their site advertises but it did not. On day 10, they notified me to call & confirm ship address. I called & man informed me that my power recline set needed a power something or other to make it work. I disagreed bc the description said it had the plug. Man said it wouldn’t work if I didn’t purchase these power things for each motor so I said fine. Then I get a notice from the bank. THEY RECHARGED ME FOR THE ENTIRE LIVING ROOM SET. My account is now overdrafted. It was the last day of the month so all my auto draft bill payments are getting rejected. Every time I tried to call the furniture site back they redirected me to a full voicemail and disconnected me. One time a rep said I would see my initial payment refunded in a few hours. Nope. It’s been 24 hrs no refund. Thousands of dollars in the negative in my bank account (bank rep said call Monday and they’ll help fix it, thank god, but auto drafts got rejected so I’ll have fees for all of those, as well). My card won’t work. Weekend plans got ruined. Can’t buy groceries for kids lunches this weekend. I’d saved up to buy this and comfortably had enough of a cushion but a living room set with power recline is expensive and I couldn’t afford to have it charged twice! Once I speak with my bank, and if it isn’t properly resolved with 1StopBedrooms, I’ll be reporting them to my state AG, the New York State AG and the FTC for fraudulent advertising, withdrawing money without my permission and as a fraudulent company. Nothing but regret.
Would rather sit on broken glass than buy from them again
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