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I reached out to Cabinetworks Group’s Customer Care in utilizing my Kraftmaid Cabinets’ Warranty on 1/4/23. Kraftmaid rejected it & blamed the installer who is their authorized vendor/installer & distributor in NYC by the name of Valley Design Center/ owner: J*** M*****; installation: March 2022 Cost: $13676.33 in 4 rooms F**** S*******, Kraft’s local sales rep, visited our home on 1/24/23. His written report admits to serious issues with the Kraft material. Examples: “slide marks,” “moisture damage,” and a “dull finish.”He stated issues with all 4 rooms! He reports on chipped edges, damaged side cabinets & paint removals. Kraft’s position on the issue is also inconsistent with its warranty materials, in which Kraft “warrants its cabinetry to be free of defects in material or workmanship for as long as they are owned by you…”. Here, the defects in the “workmanship” of the material began to show inside of one year, far from the lifelong promise of Kraft. Kraft’s attempts to justify the lack of quality in its materials by pointing to the levels of humidity is absurd in that it simply suggests that their material CAN NOT withstand hot-humid NYC summers. Kraft tried to remedy by sending the WRONG spray paint color=contrasting colors side-by-side resulted which Chad Wilson, the manager at Customer Solutions, admitted to such! He also on 6/6/2023 misrepresented by saying that Kraft does not make radiator covers?! This representation directly contradicted Mr. S*******’s report of January 2023! NEVER indicated THE inappropriate use of material as radiator covers. Neither Kraft’s brochures nor warranties have such qualification parameters either. On 6/7/2023, Mr. Wilson asked “what we wants.” (In compensation) Yet, within days & absurdly excusing our ongoing dispute (out of court) with the vendor, on multiple other issues, Kraftmaid decided to neglect their responsibility and not own up to their warranty despite their poor quality material.
Run as fast as you can!
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