28 Feb, 2023 → by Eliane
Be careful when buying fro m1StopBedroom

I purchased a bed from 1Stopbedrooms on April 2022. The bed was delivered on May 11 2022. It was delivered with defective slats (as the pre-drilled holes did not correspond to the frame and could not be nailed). I paid for white glove service from 1stobedroom which included installation. The installation guys told me of the problem and they told me to contact the seller. I contacted 1Stopbedroom immediately and sent pictures. They opened a case but told me not to worry that this problem should not cause any issues. The bed was rarely used since as it is in a guest bedroom. Last month (Jan 13 2023) I was sitting on the bed holding my 4 month granddaughter, when the rails broke and the bed collapsed. I hit my head on the head board when it fell but luckily the baby was OK. I contacted the 1Stopbedroom immediately and open a case, and have been trying to get a resolution for almost a month. I requested repair or a full replacement because the product is defective. What they offered me is they is the manufacturer will send the replacement parts and I need to pay for shipping ( $199) and I need to assemble myself. This is not acceptable as I am senior citizen and I live alone, so I would need to have to hire someone to assemble the bed. The bed is defective and it should be replaced or refunded and I should not have to pay for shipping and assembly again. I hit my head when the bed fell and I was lucky that a did not sustain a serious injury and my granddaughter was not harmed. They claim I did not purchased extended warranty and that the bed was delivery in perfect condition which clearly was not since the slats where defective. I had guests coming and needed a bed so I had no choice to buy a new bed (at a reputable store) and paid for the disposal of the defective bed. I will never purchase anything from 1StopBedroom. If you do decide to purchase don't expect them to do anything unless you purchased additional warranty. I wish I could give negative stars.
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