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Can’t use paypal


Update by user Oct 29, 2020 still not fixed and still can't cash out it gets me mad and sad Original review updated by user Nov 01, 2020 I got random reversals out of nowhere last week on Tuesday and Thursday and none since. so I was making more money then tried to cash out wouldn't let me so I sent ticket got an answer. today I sent a replay to the ticket for answer but nothing yet. this is first time i had a problem with site i been on since late 2017. I want ticket to not say On Hold - Awaiting Review and them to let me use paypal/my points again i have a lot of money in points on there. I wish they would let me know how long I have to wait if i don't hear back soon and can use my point I will have no option but to resort to filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau
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Helena | October 02, 2022 | Reply
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