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Best Services EVER NINA CARMELLE stunning

I've been in Ms Nina Carmelle's office. What a beautiful lady with a beautiful office. Without her and her expertise and her professional team of attorneys I would have spent my Xmas on the street instead they were able to save my life. I know and I have verified Nina Carmelle's EX STEVEN SEARS who was an EX attorney who got disbarred, arrested and got JAIlED. It's disgusting to see how STEVEN SEARS out of 18 TRUMAN in IRVINE obsessed with MS NINA CARMELLE's beauty and success. Ever since he got disbarred and CRIMINALLY CONVICTED and got thrown in JAIL, he has been bashing Ms NINA CARMELLE's name all over the Internet by posting bogus Internet complaints, fake stories, fake names, even writing comments as if it's coming or written by NINA CARMELLE. Steven Sears uses Searsatty.com and Corpadvisor.com to continue $$$$Stealing clients money as stated in the State Bar of California, u can contact them at 213-765-****. Beware that Nina Carmelle has several criminal and civil restraining orders against Steven Sears/Searsatty.com got disbarred and his Real Estate Broker license was Revoked on October of 2008. Before you read and/or believe any Internet junk about Nina Carmelle Read RELIABLE sources to verify the TRUTH Like the article was written on Fevruary of 2007 "Eight is Enough" telling the world about that creep. Steven Sears lives with Yvonne Tran not his wife in 21 Chester in Irvine With bunch of kids Michelle Sears, Nicole Sears, Peter Sears & Kevin Sears Also lives with Gloria Lee not his wife either w a kid Ryan Sears in 12 Sutton in Irvine Also lives with Gladys Bazan with couple kids Daniel Sears & Natalie Sears in 23 E Entrada in Irvine. Steven Sears who has changed his address in his State Bar California website from 18 Truman in Irvine to 3303 Flamingo RD in Las Vegas in Nevada And post a 702 area code number instead 949-262-**** so the public get confused about his disbarment. Steven Sears has been making false statements and Using several fake stories and fake clients names so he can destroy her business and her personal life as Nina Carmelle is the only woman who REFUSED to share him among these other **** Instead of getting awarded for being such a REAL woman Steven Sears the father of THEIR child ERIC SEARS has been making false comments about Nina. Nina Carmelle is asking for PUBLIC help..!! This man is obsessed with her beauty and success. He can't leave her alone. He can't move on with his life. His ego that she stood up for herself and moved on is killing him. All his Wealth & Asset Protection Book was discontinued due to his diabarremwnt. His sign on his building in 18 Trunan "Sears Law Building" was taken down by the Orange County Sherifs department. Steven Sears is restraint from seeing his own child from Nina Carmelle without a court order due to his violence and his criminal conviction. Think of the Source every time you see or read junk about Nina Carmelle aka Nevine Carmelle.
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