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I requested an enclosed truck to send an SUV (Black Escalade ESV) from Laredo Texas to Monterrey, Nuevo Leon in Mexico, due to unsafe reasons in the highways of north of Mexico. This company quoted me $1,550 and we paid in advance 50%. Once the vehicle was picked up the driver called me saying that he was subcontracted by American Auto Marine to drive the car to Monterrey, I stopped the driver because he was going to put at risk his live, these cars are very likely for criminal organizations, the driver told me that this company does not have enclosed trucks and as a matter of fact, they are just a broker and they lie to its customers all the time, starting with their website. Michelle Liu the sales person was very kind until she received the payment and then she was rude and terse in her communications. She sent me two important communications, the first one saying that if they were not able to deliver the vehicle in Mexico they gave us our money back and she denied even though she wrote it and second, she quoted and invoiced an enclosed truck and she denied. In order to close this deal I requested to take the car back to The Woodlands near Houston Texas and she accepted but she recognized by email that they are just brokers and in order to move the car with another company/driver and take it back to Woodlands I would have to pay $500 more because I changed the destination. Finnally I paid the $500 more to the driver directly and I lost my money with American Auto Marine LLC.
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