2 Nov, 2018 → by ClaimboUser1698
Awful works and food today !


The girl that took my order barley was listening to my order so that made her make my order wrong! She was talking to a girl in the room the whole time I tried ordering my food ...On my burrito she did it so fast she didn’t even ask if I want toppings on it !it was just chicken n cheese ! Then I seen her wrap it and stick it in the bag so I said I wanted tomatoes ,onion,peppers and sour cream .. she and the cashier (which was rude ) said well it’s already wrapped and stared at me!!!! I said well I’m sorry but I need toppings on it .. and they both said they can’t now ... I said again I need toppings though I’m sorry .. and the cashier said all we can do is put your toppings on the side ... so I said yes because I could see that’s all I was gonna get ..... and then I got a lil bowl. Which barley had anything in it. And then I told her can I have a certain sauce on the side in a cup .. She totally ignored me and DRENCHED my bowl in it ! When I got home it was sooo nasty I couldn’t eat it ! AND she over charged me $4! Never going back again ! This is in Richmond ,Indiana.... it USE to be good and the last 2 times it’s been AFULL ..... thanks
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