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APS Scam Company that’s out to get your money

Addiction and Psychological services, Addicton & Psychological Services APS This is a scam treatment center it is a private business so it's main purpose is money not treatment, They will keep you there months on end and say oh you can't graduate until the counselor thinks your ready. This business has been loosing money each month so of course they want you there as long as possible to milk the money out of you. There are so many people there that are there past ther original assesment of 26 weeks which is ther minimum there, Other treatment centers will even graduate you earlier that will never happen here they will charge you $35 a class 4 classes a month and then throw in a couple $30 drug tests a month and there making about $200 a month off you. This is a shady rehab center that is all about money. DO NOT ATTEND HERE SAVE YOURSELF THE HASSEL AND GO SOMEWHERE ELSE AND SPREAD THE WORD, I ALREADY GOT TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF HERE AND DON;T NOT WISH THIS EVEN ON A ENEMY. THIS IS A DEEP DARK MONEY PIT BUSINESS THAT ONCE IT GETS YOU IN THEY DON;T WANT YOU TO LEAVE,,, SHAME ON YOU BOB AND YOUR THERAPISTS YOUR A MODERN DAY SCAM ARTIST AND THIS WILL GO TO COURTS IF NEEDS BE THERE ARE ALOT OF PISSED OFF PEOPLE THAT ATTEND APS AND THIS IS JUST THE FIRST OF THE EFFORTS TO GET YOU CLOSED SO YOU CAN STOP TAKING ADVANTAGE OF PEOPLE THAT REALLY NEED HELP
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