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5050 W Ashland Way
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+1 800 509 4990
5050 W Ashland Way
Franklin , Wisconsin
United States – 53132

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Diamond Nexus
5050 W Ashland Way
United States

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11 Jul, 2021

Item missing

My item is missing concern about nexus pure DRIFT 4 COPPER + ALKALINE 14 L RO+ UV + UF + TDS Water Purifier/Order id OD221833****7395****.
4 Oct, 2019

Misleading Purchase

Bought a beautiful “lab-created” diamond, to find it was nothing more than an over priced CZ. I Ordered size 7.75, yet they sent 6.25. Took it to the jewelers to have sized at 120.00, then contacted them about it. Was told I voided the warranty by doing so and that I should have contacted them. Explained it... Read more➤

Poor Service

Hello, I am writing to let you know about your experience with the emergency department. On the early morning of March 12, around 4:00, I woke up from a severe headache. I took 1 tablet of Ibumetin 400 and waited for the pain to go away. The pain did not go away, vomiting began. I Drank From The Spa. When I realized that I couldn't handle it myself, I called the emergency medical service at 5:00. The dispatcher asked when the headache started, what medicine I was taking and when I was taking it, I was also asked about my blood pressure. I am a 27-year-old man, I also informed the dispatcher that a couple of years ago (March 26, 2017) I was diagnosed with migraine at a health center 4, Melbourne, at a specialist neurologist. I have not had a migraine in the last year, so I was not prepared for a situation where a migraine could return. Considering that I live in Adelaide, about which the dispensary was also informed, I do not have access to a 24-hour pharmacy,if the migraine had started the day before, I would have tried to find a solution to the severe headache in the pharmacy before it became a migraine. The dispatcher diverted the call to an unknown doctor who did not appear. The doctor asked all of the above and reproachfully asked what exactly I expected from them. I answered from experience that I know that the EMS service group always has a complex of painkillers injected in ampoules (I will not know the exact composition because according to the information available to me, their composition was changed some time ago). This is not the first time that I have sought help from the EMS service due to an intolerable headache, such situations have existed before the diagnosis of migraine. The tone of voice showed that the doctor was dissatisfied with my knowledge of the painkillers at their disposal. To all this, the doctor answered me that without sending the emergency group, definitely not, and without waiting for my answer, I hung up. After this call, I struggled with pain and vomiting until 6:00, when there was no strength, I tried to sleep in the hope that I would "sleep" the pain. Any medicine I took was vomited and since I could not wait with the help of the EMS service, that was all I could do. I am writing this letter on March 12 at 1:00 pm, although the vomiting has stopped, the headaches still persist. However, now I can take the medicine without vomiting and hope that it will pass soon. Therefore, I turn to you to find out how it can be that for me, a Australian citizen who pays taxes in good faith, a doctor can simply refuse help, if only informative, how to act, or use some compresses or other "folk" means. I am interested in what would happen if this pain caused complications, if the blood vessels in the head suffered, if any of them under the pressure burst, if nerve paralysis occurred, and so on. I am not a doctor but I know that the pain in the head area can end in severe consequences. Who, then, would be to blame? Why wait for something irreversible to happen? Until recently, on the internet portal Delfi.org, a doctor urged people not to ignore headaches and turn to the EMS service for help. But if in return a person receives such an attitude, it is no wonder that people often turn to for help too late. However, I hope that someone will assess this situation and come to a conclusion, I hope that what will change in the attitude towards people, because such a case definitely leaves a bitter "aftertaste" and does not promote trust in public emergency services, doctors and the system as a whole. Sincerely, Leo Lucinsh

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