Centennial Communications

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Centennial Communications

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3349 Route 138 Building A
New Jersey
United States

Phone number: 732-556-2200

Category: Mobile / Cell / Smartphones

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3349 Route 138 Building A
Wall , New Jersey
United States – 7719

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Complaints & Reviews — Centennial Communications

Centennial wireless has awful service, I was a centennial customer for 4 years and after my contract expired they still tried to charge me $250.00 early termination fee, I spoke with over six representatives and they said my contract expired and I could terminate without fees, and then I get a bill with a 250 dollar fee... Read more➤
Yesterday, on my birthday, my AT&T cell phone (in my mother's name) rang waking me. Caller ID showed “Unknown” so I let it ring off. A few seconds later I got an email from Google Voice saying I had a voicemail. It was Centennial calling for my mother. She had canceled her service and just received her... Read more➤
1 Jan, 2018

horrible service, workers, etc


My husband and I went to Centennial Wireless in Brookhaven, MS to upgrade our phones. We have been long term customers for a number of years. While we were being assisted, the sales rep's phone rang several times, in which he took time out to answer his personal phone! He told us about this “deal” that was... Read more➤
A year ago I purchased two phones and was put on their Talk Easy Plan. I was told that once I made 12 months of on time payments, I could “upgrade” to a regular monthly plan. (Talk Easy is a weekly pay plan) So, here it is a year later, I have made all of my payments... Read more➤
Sept 2008 I went to my independent Centennial store to use my warranty on my currety destroyed phone. While I was there trying to get my new one the customer service guy was telling me about promotiona that they were offering. Something about an internet service thing. Really didn't pay much attention. At that point I told... Read more➤

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