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I ordered a pool liner on 7/01/2021 with backyard city pools, I recently tired calling them with no luck and left a message today 07/07/2021. I haven’t heard or received a confirmation in regards to this pool liner, There customer service number no-one answers and ill you can do is leave message. if I can’t get a… Read more➤

Terrible feedback from the store. To get through to the operator, you need to work hard, because the store is not very eager for be directly contacted by its customers. The marketplace employs bots that answer superficially, usually quoting extracts from the rules of the store. Even for that you can wait a day or two for… Read more➤

We ordered garden furniture from the company These jerks provided the check and confirmation info, and it was mentioned in the letter that the delivery would take 2 weeks. After a month, we heard the same promises and blah-blah. The worst company and the reps are really useless. They are liars and scammers, so be careful… Read more➤

I ordered 2 of the heavy duty 3-leg metal end frame fittings for commercial grade swing sets. The cost was about $107 each, plus $60 for shipping for the bulky/heavy items. I could see from the photos that the welding looked pretty rough, but thought it would be worthwhile to buy them considering the time it would… Read more➤


Hello, I remember the day when my doctor offered me to evaluate the reviews of the Melbourne Maternity Hospital and think about other options. I said with my optimism that there is also a positive experience and it cannot be as crazy as it sounds in the nations... With all my optimism and confidence that everything will be fine I went to the Melbourne Maternity Hospital. I'm sorry. We arrived at the maternity hospital at 5 in the morning with an opening of 4 cm. Took me to the maternity ward. At the reception, the ladies didn't like my husband's pants - they sent him home to change. I will not comment. (this is part of a funny story) About every hour I had to check - opening 4 cm without changes. The midwife asked for a warm shower... Done. Again after an hour check - 4 cm. Around On the 12th day, the midwife ordered my husband to leave the ward and meanwhile said he would look... She pierced the waters without asking my permission and without warning. Just fixed - torn - I didn't even touch. Gone. My husband came in and a special glove with a "nail" lay in the trash. Another hour later came to check 4. 5 cm. Again, asking my husband to leave the office, he put me to the system, saying that there were vitamins and something - I was not able to go into it at that moment. When the husband returned to the ward, I found that I was given stimulation in a vein! Once again, the situation is unnecessarily urgent, needless to say, no one asked for my permission and no one was consulted. In the hallway, the man heard a doctor talk that there was no place - all the maternity wards were full. I'm already there. 13 sleeping at the system, but the needle in the vein was not properly secured, at the first cavities it flew out of the vein, blood splashed - these again, only in the other hand. The pain was abnormal, apparently I received a large dose of stimulation - I could no longer understand, answer or decide anything. Doctors consulted with her husband - a decision on epidural anesthesia was made immediately. For about 30 minutes the anesthesiologist came up the stairs (I don't know, maybe it takes so long to prepare... ). I saw the door open and the man's face - the man asked here for anesthesia? And the doctor shouted, "STARTED!" So, in half an hour (30 minutes) from 4. 5 cm to a full, 10 cm opening! Childbirth began, the baby got stuck. I heard a discussion two doctors could not decide whether to make an emperor or a vacuum. I made two deep incisions and pulled the baby out with the help of a vacuum. My first baby is born at 2 pm! Layed on my chest, everything beautiful. The moment the doctor took my miracle to look and test I saw a concern - I asked what the case - next to the Latin or medical names (I'm not an industry expert) I finally squeezed out the answer - said that the hematoma would have to be x-rayed, the brain damaged or not. (At least honestly said and) I was sewn to the ward... By and large, everything is fine, except that the sanitary ware cursed about how slow we eat and how stinky the ward was for us (the men had brought flowers - we were two in the ward - we consulted with each other about aromas and other things that could be bothersome)... I would add my birth was in the summer - July - the second day the maternity hospital was without ventilation and we were without warm water - let me remind you that the hospital was full - cold water drained ice cold. I couldn't wash my hands on that ice, let alone my sewn-on bottom or baby. My child could only be washed from the stuck blood on the THIRD day. It's time to go home - not to mention that there is no place for themselves and you need to vacate the wards, then the documents are not ready to check out... We left home. On the first day I recovered, in the evening I read a hospital statement - my child's broken collarbone turns out to be broken. Wonderful. I understand that such an injury is not uncommon... Someone could at least tell me so that I understand what to do next, what to do, what not to do. How to lie down properly and how to lift so that I do no more harm. After about 2-3 months, the hematoma of the head disappeared. For the next 6 months, I ran to the doctors for a million examinations, because such things need to be monitored and, if necessary, taken as soon as possible, because if the child is not allowed to move his hand, it must be ensured... Of course, all specialist inspections are urgent and the payment is also appropriate. Physiotherapy, etc. My daughter was born in the Melbourne Maternity Hospital. Never, never, NEVER!

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