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Amara Kitchens & Appliances

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19 James St
Fortitude Valley

Phone number: (07) 3216 0600

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(07) 3216 0600
19 James St
Fortitude Valley , Queensland
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Poor service, inadequate pricing

Hello! I don't usually complain about companies, but for me the mayor is full, this clinic is so missed that it is probably not possible anymore. I will start with the fact that we were - I will emphasize that we have been clients of this clinic for a long time, but this time I can safely say that, unless conditions are inevitable, I will not break my leg in this institution and I will not recommend it to anyone else. We had a cat that was in very bad health, as well as some accidents, as a result we left a lot of money in this clinic, we must immediately add that we left at least 100 USD for each minor illness when visiting this clinic. We calculated that in total we have spent at least 2500 dollars per cat in this clinic. I wouldn't say anything about the fact that the cat was really sick and needed treatment, but now the prices for each trifle, compared to other clinics, are just space, but well, they are already to blame for driving and paying, but did not want to toss from from one clinic to another with a full history of cat disease.Although we are talking to other specialists at the moment, we conclude that probably only a few useless manipulations have been carried out in order to earn money, but even so it remains on the conscience of candera street specialists. What this story is about is the attitude of the clinic staff - it is simply destructive. The first episode - we also have dogs, which we also take to this clinic, which positions itself as a clinic that provides emergency medical care. Our puppy gave birth and after giving birth to 8 puppies 9. I got stuck, we called Candera Street, where we were told that we could go and sit at the reception and wait with a giving birth bitch and 8 puppies. Needless to say, the woman who picked up the phone was extremely rude and indifferent. Thank you and we were looking for help elsewhere. By the time we found it, the puppy was already born dead. Ok, it could be that the record is full and so on., but then you do not need to position yourself as a clinic that provides emergency care, because it is definitely not. Also, on such occasions, people expect their problem to be treated sensitively, I understand that such things happen to many, but working in this area must be empathetic. The next episode - my old cat lost the fight with its health problems - had to fall asleep. Needless to say, we didn't do it on Candera Street. We took a kitten. Everything was fine, until we came to work and concluded that the kitten was lethargic, did not eat and felt very bad, as he was very hot, we concluded that he also had a fever, as it was very dangerous for small cats, we decided that we should go to the doctor, as the end of the working day was approaching and the clinic in kuaguri to which we usually now take our animals soon turned, we decided to go to candera street, we tried to call first - all the time busy, we drove to the scene with a small, sick, miserable accident pile. We shouldn't have gone there already, but we were very worried. Well then, arriving on the scene, the woman sitting at the reception was super-unkind and arrogant, declaringthat we can sit in line for 2-3 hours and wait when I ask if we can't sign up and come later after those hours, she stated that she can't, because she doesn't guarantee anything... I realized that it's just inadequate and for a cat it's stress nor will it do any good. No empathy, sincerity, etc., but customers who before us paid 100 USD, wished not to get sick and were kind as the May sun. We went out and started thinking about what to do. Another clinic, where take is unregistered is Steins, we started looking for info on the Internet, because we wanted to call first, we found that there is also a Steina branch in Imanta, calls, said to drive. I want to praise this clinic very much, so sensitive service, knowledgeable and interested doctor. The kitten turns out to have a virus that he has caught between the two vaccinations. He had a very high temperature and the doctor said that very well, that we arrived immediately because it is very dangerous and for kittens the situation can very quickly become even fatal. The systems were released and we are now being treated. We paid 26 USD for all 5 syringes, the system and other medicines to take home, which is simply incomparable with candera street pricing. We received such a nice attitude, I really want to praise the branch of Steina imanta, I highly recommend it to others as well. In summary, all this story is like this - I do not recommend an animal health center on Candera Street to anyone, unless you want to overpay and receive non-patching service. You can also not expect emergency help, because it is not provided there, left unconscious! And we weren't some irresponsible animal owners who didn't like to sign up for a doctor or a hysteric who goes to every detail, we have experience with animals and we know when there really are no options and we have to drive. Keep this information in mind and ensure that you, like me, manage to receive appropriate and sensitive treatment from your veterinarian. Definitely go to the innert clinic in Imanta!

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