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Active Appliances

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6736 Van Nuys Blvd
Van Nuys
United States

Phone number: (818) 778-1999

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(888) 882-2848
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(818) 778-1999
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(818) 778-1999
6736 Van Nuys Blvd
Van Nuys , California
United States – 91405

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Active Appliances
6736 Van Nuys Blvd, Van Nuys,
Los Angeles,
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Complaints & Reviews — Active Appliances

Active Appliance wants $75 for doing nothing!!!! Stay away!!!! They want to charge me an addition $25 for billing as well! User’s recommendation: Stay away!!!
Active gave me a 5-hour window, and at 4 hours and 59 minutes sent an automated text that they were “on the way.” 25 minutes later the service technician told me he was one hour away. When I complained, Active said I should talk to the “independent contractor.” They were rude to me on the phone.
5 Jan, 2019

appliance services

HORRIBLE company. TERRIBLE customer service! Liars, stallers and [censored]s. Never been jerked around so much before. Look at the amount of terrible experiences with Active Appliances on Yelp! Wow! Says it all. Research ahead of time, everyone. Are allll of these poor suckers wrong? Not a chance after what we’ve experienced. Competence is key. Warn everyone far... Read more➤
My wife bought a warranty through Lowe’s and 2 yrs later our dryer does not heat up. We called Lowe’s a nd shortly after we get a call from Active Appliance. The call was a voicemail gave us the same number to call back to verify our information. Good luck and trying to get through to speak... Read more➤
Going on four weeks now and my leaky washer still isn’t fixed. First I got the “it isn’t covered” story with respect to my home warranty. Well after reading the whole thing I found no such exclusion. So they scheduled a return for what I hoped would be the repair. NOPE! Technician came without any parts. Tried... Read more➤

Bad Teacher, School Negligence for Teacher

Hello! I wanted to share my sad experience, which, of course, gave me the knowledge not to fall for similar ads a second time. Some time ago I finished my studies at the Professional Beauty School, a micropigmentation course. At first, everything seemed fantastic. The first teachers I met were not related to my main subject - micropigmentation. There (no hat off) there were no problems, the teachers were colossal, knowledgeable people and professionals in their field. For the first two months, while studying anatomy, sanitation, coloristics (taught by a make-up artist, who unfortunately does not have the right knowledge in the field of micropigmentation on pigments, which I fully understand and where I do not blame this specialist), business introduction and communication training, there were no claims. All the fun started when we got to the practical and most important lessons. At the same time we had 3 cadets and 1 teacher in the group. We had a teacher with "my character". The description of the program on the school website mentioned various techniques that we will learn during the course - eyebrows in powder technique, hair technique, ombre, lips in watercolor technique, 3D lips, eye line with / without shading, bottom line. In these first days, I noticed that we learn the same thing about repetition on latex. The question arose - what about the other techniques that were promised? To which the answer was received that we would not teach it all because it was a teacher without linking, no up-to-date, old information. I started all this from the beginning along the ears. Then began the practical lessons on live models (this is where the hardest part begins). The first model! A day for which I believe none of us was ready. The hand movements were not fully trained, there was no understanding of what we were doing, no understanding of what we were creating. So the big day - the first models came to us all at the same time. Logically, it was difficult for the teacher to run in all directions, but there was no return to it. We received short instructions for making a sketch of how to turn on the devices and the teacher swam to one of the cadets who was most afraid. So 2 of us were left on our own open with an order - make eyebrows. The teacher did not even try to come and see how she was doing, to make a reprimand, suggestion or instruction. Of course, our first works were not the best (other schools would be horrified by the results even). And it went on dozens more times in each subsequent lesson. Abandoned, untrained and uninteresting to the teacher! Needless to say, it was more important to solve private problems - talk on the phone, run a taxi somewhere, chat with models, but not with us for study purposes! The day came when I realized that this was a huge cheat for me for the large amount I paid, which was not fair. Given that of the above The techniques I mentioned at the beginning taught us lips in one technique, eyebrows in powder technique (so that we can think of ourselves) and eye lines on the upper eyelids. I will mention that at no point did we receive an explanation of how to work in these techniques, nor the techniques, algorithms, understanding of what it should be like. I realized that I had to go to the horns - I wrote a long, formal e-mail about not receiving everything that was stipulated in the contract / school website in the program description. The following steps - we received an offer to learn the procedure free of charge, which would have cost us each, if we wanted to, around 70 CA$ and an offer to accept a teacher who will only give an ideological story about hair technology, because it is no longer relevant. See if it's current or not, if it was in the program I signed up for, I'd like to receive it without an email reminder. All this testifies only to unprofessionalism in the internal order of the school. The total amount spent - 1200EUR, course duration 4 months. In my opinion, was the paid additional course reimbursed? Of course not! Not to mention that during the conversation with the school management about solving these problems, the teacher stood aside and bubbled under his nose all the time - it is no longer relevant, no one does it, everything looks bad. This is how our daily lives went. We listened to the teacher, who, in her opinion, is the only one who knows what and how, all other masters can be talked about - either about poor quality work, lip size, new machine and in that spirit. My conclusion is that I got certificates and graduated from school, because no one would return the money to me after more than half of the last course, but now my knowledge is based only on what I learned by watching a lot of youtube videos, attending other courses, because my understanding, for example, in coloristics about pigments and skin types, was zero, the teacher was never interested in explaining why we choose this rather than their pigments for a particular model. So now I'm spending even more money to learn what I was denied by a micropigmentation teacher at a Professional Beauty School. My advice to you, before starting the training, check the teachers and their work! Are you satisfied with their performance? I didn't have that opportunity. Currently, the school has changed the description on the website, introducing new names in the training sessions of the program. We stayed apart. PS I would like to add that the teacher always emphasized that we do not miss a person who was caught from school, but had to experience models who went home from the hands of other students with uneven or deeply inserted eyebrows, completely unpainted lips, etc., which, of course, the teacher praised with the text - " how beautiful it is! ”


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